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Our coverage in all Colombia's ports, allows us to provide the following services:

Medical care on board:

Our general practitioners or specialists can go on board, complying with the terminal requirements to provide an agile, comfortable, and safe service onboard cargo or passenger ships.

Emergency Room

The LATINOAMERICANA DE ASISTENCIAS SAS Emergency Service has a group of providers and specialists with the ability to attend to any type of medical emergency 24 hours a day with state-of-the-art equipment with a modern infrastructure. Thinking about the needs of our users, we have at their disposal a complex network of strategic allies with specialists in Internal Medicine, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedist, Pediatrics, ENT, General Surgery, and Odontologist 24/7.


At LATINOAMERICANA DE ASISTENCIAS we have a highly qualified group of providers committed to service and dedicated to providing comprehensive oral care for the entire community. It is structured to offer specialized treatments with technological quality equipment, satisfying the individual needs of each patient, in a warm and friendly environment with modern therapeutic methods, optimizing comfort, confidence, and reducing treatment times. This service can be provided onboard according to the needs of the ship

Critical Care Unit

The intensive care unit is an inpatient ward where patients are cared for, who, due to their delicate medical condition, require permanent 24-hour surveillance and where highly complex procedures and special treatments are performed. It has medical, nursing, and physiotherapy staff with the skills required for the attention and care of critical patients.


When the medical condition warrants it, the patient will be admitted to the hospitalization area where they will remain for examinations, treatment, and healing by the medical staff. All this in full coordination with the agent of the ship, shipping line, P&I, or corresponding medical insurance


In the event of a death onboard a ship, our company takes care of the necessary procedures with local authorities for the removal of the body from the ship, transfer to the mortuary facilities, preparation, consular procedures, and shipment of the body to its country of origin.

Basic and Medical Assistance Transfer

land transportation of a patient who is in critical or urgent condition. We have a high-level technological endowment to provide timely and adequate care to patients whose pathology warrants the displacement of this type of units.

Medical Store (Chest) Certificate

Inspection of the medical cabinet on board the ship to review their condition, expiration dates, and withdrawal of the medications that have already expired, for their respective disposal.

Private Shuttle

The transportation from the ship to the medical facility is performed in private cars latest models which offer all the comfort and safety during the movement to and from the ship.

Drinking Water Certificate

The water samples are collected onboard, according to the Captain's instructions and they are subjected to laboratory tests, to issue a Certificate confirming whether or not they are suitable for human consumption.

Medicine Supplies

Delivery of medicines on board with prior quotation and authorization. Our alliance with different pharmacies and drug stores nationwide allow us to coordinate the delivery of medicines in any of the most important ports in the country

Doctor or Professional Nurse

Tell us when you need your test and our assistance area will make the pertinent arrangements for the taking, processing, and delivery of results on time and according to your itinerary.

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